Calcite Grinding Mill

Calcite Grinding Mill

The Calcite Grinding Mill is very easy to vibrate and stop in the later stage operation, and there are many reasons for the vibration stop. It is very important to correctly determine the cause of the fault, find out the fault in time, remove the fault, and reduce the parking time. At the same time, it is also important to take what kind of scheme to start the mill. The following are several common phenomena of vibration stop.

Vibration stop phenomenon of Calcite Grinding Mill

1. The pressure difference of the Calcite Grinding Mill reduces rapidly, the temperature of the mill rises rapidly, and then the Calcite Grinding Mill vibrates high alarm, vibrates and stops. This situation is generally three valve stuck, broken, and then quickly with the post contact verification, timely processing. In this case, because the stuck material is sent into the mill, the material in the mill is not uniform, it can be taken to start the mill normally with auxiliary tray for a while, and then with less material on the belt, it can start the mill smoothly.

2. The pressure difference of the Calcite Grinding Mill gradually decreases, the temperature of the mill is gradually increased, the vibration value is increased, the vibration alarm lasts a little longer, and then the vibration intensifies and stops. At this time, the belt material is less, it should be some kind of raw material broken, my company generally takes up more raw material with fly ash broken material, (fly ash wet easily hanging on the wall,). If the feed-back value from the batching scale is found in advance and the material is broken in time to contact the dispatching station, the material can be broken within 1 minute, which can avoid vibration parking, but sometimes hanging up seriously, unexpected, and finally vibration stop. This kind of starting and grinding mode of breaking and stopping can start and grind with a little more material because of less internal material, and the paving time can be designed according to the conditions reflected by the parameters of pulling air and auxiliary transmission.

3. The pressure difference and temperature of the Calcite Grinding Mill change little, but the vibration value increases the alarm from time to time. Maybe the alarm increases and the vibration stops at a certain time. At this time, it should be judged that there is iron in the mill, possibly external iron, more likely to be iron dropped from the damaged parts of the mill. Sometimes small pieces of iron can be discharged from the slag outlet, but it is easy to plug up and drain. Slag mouth, parking can be informed of the job grinding inspection. This kind of starting and grinding mode after parking can be the same as the usual way of starting and grinding.

4. The pressure difference of the Calcite Grinding Mill increases rapidly, the temperature of the outlet air decreases, and the vibration intensifies. In this case, one is the flying material of the raw material balance; the other is the slag discharging increasing, which leads to the increase of the material entering the mill. Another situation is that the pressure difference increases rapidly, the temperature of the mill air remains unchanged, the pressure difference increases can not be alleviated, will immediately vibrate to stop, this situation is generally large limestone particle size. It is possible to avoid vibration stopping if measures such as opening the valve of large circulation fan, reducing the rotating speed of powder separator and reducing material are taken in time, but sometimes the vibration is very fast and stops immediately without adjusting time. This kind of starting and grinding method after parking is not required to be paved with auxiliary disc.