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Buy Hammer Mill

Through the understanding and analysis of the Hammer Mill, how to optimize the process parameters to ensure quality, increase production, reduce energy consumption, strengthen equipment maintenance and management, improve operating rate, improve economic efficiency is the central issue of the management and operation of the Hammer Mill. In view of these problems, this article briefly discusses the process system.

Hammer Mill system

Influence of waste heat power generation on Hammer Mill

Due to the production of waste heat power generation, the flue gas temperature discharged from the kiln tail is much lower than before, and the grinding temperature is generally about 190 degrees Celsius. Because the Hammer Mill is a drying mill, the reduction of the grinding temperature brings about the reduction of table time to the production of raw meal mill. In operation, we keep the proper amount of water sprays in the mill and make full use of the limited hot air. After continuous groping, adjusting the baffle opening of the nozzle ring is suitable for the current working condition.

Effect of raw material properties

The material requirements of Hammer Mills are mainly manifested in grindability and particle size. The higher the hardness of the material, the longer the material is grinded into the finished product, increasing the internal circulation of the mill, increasing the wear and tear of the equipment. There are many limestone interbedded soils in the mining area. After the limestone containing a large amount of wet clay is transported into the allocation depot, it is bonded in the depot, blocking the feeding chute, and the mill can not produce normally. According to the actual situation, all the personnel in our group dredged the feeding chute in the dispatching warehouse, and used the air gun to assist the blockage removal, so as to ensure the production of the mill. The limestone containing a large amount of wet clay leads to the adhesion and blockage of the grinding slide, and the rotary feeder shuts down frequently due to overload. In view of this situation, we have taken the following measures in a timely manner to ensure full production. Four air cannons are installed at the bottom of the grinding chute to assist in blocking removal, and pneumatic pick is equipped to clean up the accumulated material in the chute manually when the machine stops.

System air leakage aspects

Weekly check the system, if found to have air leakage, material leakage, ash leakage to punish the person responsible, and rectify within a specified period of time to ensure the normal system. In cement production, the output of raw meal mill not only affects the stable production of kiln, but also affects the unit power consumption of the raw meal, and then affects the cost of the raw meal and the benefit of the company.