Vertical Coal Mill In Cement Industry

Vertical Coal Mill In Cement Industry

Vertical Coal Mill feeding uneven

In order to make the Vertical Coal Mill operate normally and increase its service life, we can't do without our usual maintenance and care. Some time ago, when we visited the old customers, one customer said that the equipment output decreased, and we immediately sent technicians to repair. At that time, the problem was checked out due to uneven feeding. This situation has happened to other customers. We feel it necessary to publish an article to explain to everyone that the Vertical Coal Mill will bring equipment if the feeding is uneven. What harm?

Hazard caused by uneven feeding of Vertical Coal Mill

1. When the feed is too small: the production will be reduced, the working time will be wasted, but enough material will not be produced, which will make the Vertical Coal Mill unable to fully utilize it, which may cause the grinding roller to break empty;

2. When there is too much feeding: the material in the grinding chamber will gradually accumulate, causing blockage of the pipeline, which will also result in uneven discharge and the particle size will not meet the production requirements;

3. Feeding is high and low: it will cause load fluctuations, the quality of the finished product is unstable, and it will affect the safe operation.

Precautions when feeding Vertical Coal Mill

1. According to the situation, adjust the feeding amount in time to avoid the occurrence of too many materials in the grinding chamber, so that the finished products will be neglected;

2. Strictly control the proportion of materials to be fed, try to make the feeding even, and do not allow a single material to enter the grinding chamber, so check the feeding situation once or twice a week;

3. Control the amount of material entering according to the fineness of demand;

4, always pay attention to the change of the current of the Vertical Coal Mill feeder, listen to the sound of the Vertical Coal Mill, so that you can grasp the grinding situation in the grinding cavity, to prevent the sound of grinding from falling and falling;

5, to watch a variety of material streams, to achieve stable feeding;

6. If the conventional Raymond mill equipment is used, the gap between the movable door and the feed roller can be adjusted, so that the flow rate of the material entering the grinding chamber can be controlled to avoid the equipment entering the abrasive, the overflow of the pipe and the grinding. The phenomenon that the roll breaks empty.

After reading the uneven feeding of the Vertical Coal Mill that we have summarized above, what harm will be caused to the equipment, and what should be paid attention to when feeding, I think you already know about the feeding, you may just have in the usual production. There will be some difficulties at the beginning, but long-term persistence and experience accumulation will make the work more and more smooth, and your Vertical Coal Mill will be more and more convenient.