Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill processing equipment in its development occupies a very important position and role in a variety of metal and nonmetal mines, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industries, become a pillar equipment industry. Milling machinery in accordance with the finished product demand, divided into coarse grinding, general grinding, fine and ultrafine grinding mill are three rough grinding for grinding materials finished 20-80 mesh, general mill for the production of 80-325 project finished, fine grinding for the production of finished 400-800 mesh, 800 mesh or more required ultrafine mill to produce powder. Zenith LM Vertical Grinding Mill on the basis of the developed LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill, LUM Series Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill favorable improve the yield of a single device, breaking the limitations of traditional mill equipment can not be mass-produced, is well-deserved The Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill.

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill Innovation

1. Efficient

Currently used mill milling industry presence mill dust into the bearing assembly Mifengbuyan frequent damage replace the roller rolls total group frequently not the normal production process, Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill using coupling body without screws and conveyor bearing from the fundamental solution to the problem of frequent replacement of the total process. Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill uses a two-stage grinding chamber and a secondary hydraulic devices, and high-strength dual-stage inverter classifier, combined with a variety of grinding principle, so that the machine than jet mill, Raymond mill, ultrafine grinding, micro grinding, ball mill High yields more than doubled, fineness is 3-4 times the normal mill.

2. Long life wearing parts

Grinding balls, grinding disc down forging made of special material, so that the degree of use is greatly improved. Materials and finished products in the same situation fineness, 2-5 times longer than ordinary mill, up to one year, processing of calcium carbonate, calcite, the service life of up to 2-5 years, especially for hardness, crushing hard materials, Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill can be a good finish for material handling.

3. High security and reliability

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill cavity without rolling, no screws, bearings and seals so the problem does not exist vulnerability, screw loosening and destruction of the machine there is no problem.

4. Product fineness

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill products are mainly used for high hardness nonmetal milling industry, raw materials Mohs hardness of 10 or less, 5% moisture content, product size between 500-5500 mesh adjustment, the maximum fine can reach 8000 target.

5. Environmental

Ultra Fine Gold Quartz Mill use of high-strength hydraulic system and two-stage inverter technology, reasonable design, stable performance, low noise, no pollution of the surrounding environment, fully meet the national environmental standards.

Ultra Fine Gold Mill Development

Modern industrial production and manufacturing technology has undergone profound changes, which have a common characteristic, which is the basic material of native applications, the new ultra-fine powder material into the upper reaches of most industrial manufacturing and raw materials, almost scraping the sac All light and heavy industrial production and manufacturing sectors in the world today, the level of production, processing and application of ultra-fine powders, has become a national level scientific and technological development metrics, pay attention to this trend and grasp the characteristics unique vision can find industrial focus of economic development direction. As a many years engaged in mining crushing and milling industry professional manufacturer, we are happy to work with you to promote the development of Ultra Fine Gold Mill's, Just Contact Us!