Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

Stamp Mill common fault

As the core equipment of the milling production line, the Stamp Mill is very troublesome in the event of failure. In particular, the structural principle of the Stamp Mill is not known, and the operator with less experience is simply a disaster. . In fact, some common faults of Stamp Mills are completely unnecessary. Let's take a look at how to easily solve the problem of Stamp Mills.

First, the yield and quality of finished powder products are relatively low. The decrease in output may be caused by the wear of the blade, the shovel powder is not smooth, or the powder locker is not tightly sealed, causing the powder leakage phenomenon. The operator needs to check these two points one by one. If the blade is worn, it must be replaced immediately. And adjust the sealing device of the locker. If the particle size of the finished product is too thick or too fine, it is likely that the blade wear cannot be classified or the air volume of the fan is improperly caused. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the blade or adjust the air volume of the inlet.

Second, there is strong vibration or loud noise during the working process of the Stamp Mill. Both of these faults may be caused by loose bolts on the main body of the mainframe. The operator should check and tighten the bolts. At the same time, the wear of the blade and the deformation of the grinding ring may cause large vibration of the main machine. The operator should replace it after the inspection, and the failure of the grinding roller requires the worker to check the lubricity and the sealing ring. It may be necessary to clean the oil or replace the oil seal. Excessive accumulation of powder or wear of the blade may affect the sound of the main unit, so it is necessary to remove the accumulated powder or replace the blade.

Third, if the viscosity of the oil is too high, the supply of lubricating oil to the bearing is difficult, and the temperature of the body or the transmission device is too high. If this happens, the operator needs to re-examine whether the viscosity of the oil meets the specifications of the machine. If it does not meet, it needs to be replaced immediately, or check the running direction of the Stamp Mill, and adjust it to normal in time. The direction.

The Stamp Mill plays a vital role in the material grinding process. Therefore, in order to ensure the efficient production of the equipment and to reduce the cost of the machine in order to extend the service life of the machine, the relevant staff must do the maintenance work in time. The faults that occur during the operation are thoroughly checked and analyzed, so that effective solutions are taken to solve the equipment failure and ensure stable and reliable operation of the equipment.