River Gravel Rod Milling Machine

River Gravel Rod Milling Machine

A mine company has three LM series River Gravel Rod Milling Machines, which are used to grind slag slag such as slag steel slag, and process more than 2.7 million tons of waste slag powder annually. After two years of normal use, the pressure of the hydraulic system of the River Gravel Rod Milling Machine of Unit 2 was automatically reduced, resulting in unstable production operation. During the routine inspection, the hydraulic system of the River Gravel Rod Milling Machine was found to be faulty, and the manufacturer began to solve it.

River Gravel Rod Milling Machine hydraulic system failure case

During the production process, the pressure value designed by the staff began to decrease continuously. After the pressure value of the hydraulic system decreased beyond the set dead zone, the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic system automatically started and began to increase pressure; to a certain height, the pressure began to decrease again. After the limit is reached, the hydraulic pump starts again, and the cycle is repeated, which causes the system to withstand tremendous pressure, which seriously affects the safe operation of the equipment and the safety of the operators, and also affects the production capacity of the equipment, making the production impossible.

After detailed inspection, the equipment is repaired, and the equipment failures are as follows:

  • 1. The hydraulic pump can be frequently started at the hydraulic station of the hydraulic system, and the time interval is shorter and shorter, and it is relatively small every 2 minutes.
  • 2. The temperature of the hydraulic medium oil (MOBIL DTE 26) is higher than the temperature of the hydraulic medium oil of the normal moving crusher by 15-20 °C.
  • 3. The control valve (917730-00-0 POS 7.1) has a higher temperature.
  • 4. The screen in the central control room shows that the hydraulic pump starts frequently and the forward pressure keeps decreasing.
  • 5. The pressure trend graph is zigzag.

Through the above phenomena, it is found that the hydraulic system of the River Gravel Rod Milling Machine has experienced serious failures, and must be stopped and solved in time. If it cannot be solved in time, it will cause serious damage to the oil circuit components such as motors and pumps, various oil valves and hydraulic cylinders. The damage of the equipment makes the maintenance cost of the equipment larger, and the operation of the equipment is dangerous.