MTW Series Trapezium Mill

MTW Series Trapezium Mill

MTW Series Trapezium Mill Introduction

MTW Series Trapezium Mill is Zenith on the basis of long-term research and development experience, and recommendations based on the customer's use, after several experts painstaking research and design of the new mill, is a set of crushing, drying, powder grinding, milling industry, the ideal equipment transported in one grade.

Zenith investigation group is determined by the long-term improvement on the mill knowledge, with each other with foreign specialists mill painstaking analysis of revolutionary technologies developed for the newest mill, its high yield, low investment, is the preferred equipment of enterprises. Gear jazzed residence and abroad, exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Australia, Korea, Canada and also the European Union and other countries and regions.

MTW Series Trapezium Mill utilizes industry-leading technologies to create, science and technology, innovation, quality, environmental protection in 1, according to the amount of customers working with the mill and recommendations, with each other with foreign experts mill painstaking study the newest revolutionary technologies created kind milling machine, the model makes use of a bevel gear integral transmission, internal lubrication method, curved duct newest patents. Gear is mainly utilised fine grade raw supplies for the production of fine goods regrinding. The new mill has a large level of processing capacity, decreasing the number of required Sec grinding mills, mining operations creating it an economical option. Compared with ordinary mill, trapezium mill continental (European mills) can save 30% -50 % of your power inside a really small grinding media consumption carry out the exact same grinding operations.

MTW Series Trapezium Mill Advantage

  • 1. Adopt bevel gear integral transmission, to ensure that the all round structure on the mill is extra compact, far more easy. installation and adjustment, to solve the standard mill needs a further gear by coupling the drive shaft, the installation from the difficulty of troubles.
  • 2. Make use of the exclusive curved blade interchangeable blade material is often oriented facade that ring roller mill, middle and reduced grinding capable to put on a uniform, but also increases the effective functioning area, as a result growing production.
  • 3. Uses an internal pump rather than the traditional mill greased the technique to make sure the stability of the operate spindle bearings and bevel gear shaft bearing.
  • 4. Smaller footprint, comprehensive and powerful, and the host device using a sealed transmission gear box, transmission smooth.
  • 5. Good quality steel manufacturing, tough and reputable machine.
  • 6. Electrical method with centralized handle, advanced and reasonable selection, higher degree of automation, smaller feeder volume light weight, simple to adjust and energy.
  • 7. Low investment costs, low operating charges, higher milling efficiency, robust drying capacity, easy to operate, trustworthy operation, easy maintenance, low noise and no dust spills, clean environment, to meet the national environmental protection specifications.

MTW Series Trapezium Mill Technical Data

>MTW Series Trapezium Mill Technical Data