Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Ball Mill application


Steel slag treatment has always been a problem that plagues China's steelmaking industry. As a by-product of iron and steel production, steel slag contains about 10% of slag iron. Without treatment, a large amount of slag is lost every year, and slag powder also causes harm to the surrounding environment. . Therefore, how to do a good job in the treatment of steel slag and extend its economic value is also the initial motivation for the development of Ball Mills.

Ball Mill steel slag treatment method:

The Ball Mill uses steel slag and primary slag steel as raw materials, adopts a closed loop production process, and is subjected to screening, negative pressure ball milling, dry magnetic separation and wind classification to obtain four high-efficiency high-quality and high-additions. Value products, ie high-quality scrap steels with iron content greater than 90% for steelmaking, high-grade iron concentrates for iron making, steel slag powder for high-activity blending of cement and concrete and for high-grade roads Steel slag asphalt concrete surface layer aggregate on the road surface. Really achieved zero discharge of steel slag, completely solved the environmental pollution of steel slag.

Detailed: A steel slag treatment method, including ball milling, sorting, and magnetic separation, characterized in that a raw material containing Fe is 30 to 60% and a particle size of 10 to 300 mm is used as a raw material to produce a Fe content of > 90 % of high quality scrap.

Ball Mill processing equipment production line features:

1. It can process the steel slag generated in the process of converter steelmaking by deep processing such as crushing, magnetic separation, separation and grinding.

2, the first separation of the particle steel can be returned to the steelmaking, the remaining coarse particles for the highway pavement "bone" material, crushed into the fine steel slag powder selected iron fines, the rest used as cement and concrete high The active admixture, the washed mud can also produce steel slag bricks.

3. Steel slag and primary slag steel are used as raw materials. Adopt a closed loop production process. Separated separately. Get four high-quality, high-quality and high value-added products.

a, that is, high-quality scrap steel that can be used for steel making with iron content greater than 90%.

b. High grade iron concentrate for iron making.

c. Steel slag micropowder used as high activity admixture for cement and concrete.

d. Steel slag asphalt concrete surface layer aggregate for high-grade road pavement. Really achieved zero discharge of steel slag. The environmental pollution of steel slag is completely solved.

The emergence of the Ball Mill truly turned the steel slag into a treasure, not only the integration and reuse of resources but also played a very good role in promoting the protection of the environment. It can be said that it is a lot of work!