Formula Of Ball Mill Process

Formula Of Ball Mill Process

The Ball Mill is a large-scale grinding equipment that integrates grinding, grading, conveying and drying. Its high grinding efficiency is inseparable from the ultra-high powder classification efficiency, and the powder separator is the control mill product. The key equipment of fineness, let us understand how the Ball Mill works.

The working principle of the Ball Mill separator is “anatomical analysis”

The Ball Mill is named for its vertical structure. The machine has a big advantage in application, which can realize “four-effect integration”. It can complete grading, conveying and drying in grinding, achieve high-efficiency grinding and ultra-low energy consumption, reduce costs for customers and increase production efficiency. It is widely used in the industry!

When Shanghai Ball Mill works, the material will move into the grinding ring roller along with the high-speed rotation of the rotor after entering the grinding disc, and then it will be crushed and crushed by dozens of grinding rollers to achieve grinding. The material after grinding enters the classifier under the action of the fan airflow, and performs the work of the staged powder selection stage. The qualified powder selected by the classifier is collected as the airflow enters the dust collector and the dust collector, and the finished product is transported by the fan airflow. The drying is completed when the material enters, and the hot air is sent into the grinding chamber. The drying type is in each process, and the drying effect is high and the efficiency is high.

The grinding efficiency and finished product quality of the Ball Mill are directly affected by the powder separator. Therefore, in order to obtain high-efficiency and high-quality production results, the user must understand the working principle of the classifier and take measures to improve the efficiency of the powder selection. The powder selection effect. Below, we will analyze in detail the working principle of the Ball Mill separator.

Taking the Ball Mill of Shanghai Ball Mill as an example, the powder crusher of the Ball Mill adopts a high-density powder-selecting impeller, which can control the density of the powder impeller by controlling the strength of the airflow inside the machine. And the three factors of the powder impeller rotation speed to select the fineness of the finished powder, the fineness of the finished product is arbitrarily adjustable between 400-2000 mesh, and the use effect is very good. You can find out more about the Zenith Ball Mill.