Ball Mill For Gold Ore

Ball Mill For Gold Ore

Guide: Because some users are more curious about the grinding process and milling production process of the Gold Ore Ball Mill, Xiaobian should consult the company's experts for the needs of the users, let them answer for us, and hope to help your milling production.

Gold Ore Ball Mill grinding process and its milling production process

Q: What is the grinding process of the Gold Ore Ball Mill?

A: To introduce the grinding process of this equipment, we must first understand the internal structure of the machine. There are several important structures in the Gold Ore Ball Mill, such as grinding discs, reducers, grinding rolls, etc. The grinding discs are fixed on the reducer, while the grinding rolls are installed in the middle of the grinding machine frame, and the grinding rolls are also under the grinding rolls. Located above the edge of the disc, but not in contact with the disc when the machine is not working. Among the above components, the reducer can be connected to the external motor through the belt, and the work of the motor will drive the reducer to rotate, so that the grinding disc can be rotated at a high speed. The above is its main structure. As for its process, after the material falls from the feeding port into the center of the grinding disc, it will be centrifuged under the rotating grinding disc, and the material for centrifugal movement will move to the grinding disc and the grinding roller. During the process, the friction disc and the grinding roller respectively form a frictional force, which causes the material to rotate under the driving of the grinding disc, and the rotation of the material also drives the grinding roller sleeve on the grinding roller to rotate, so that the material is crushed and ground. .

Q: In the above production process, where is the flow of the material after grinding?

A: There are two kinds of flow direction. One is the material that can be ground, the powder will be collected by the dust collector, and the other is the hard-to-grind material. This material will be collected automatically by the Gold Ore Ball Mill, and the lower row will be compared. The slag mouth is discharged.

Q: What is the Gold Ore Ball Mill production process?

A: The crushing equipment is inseparable from the general mill production line. This is because the feed port of the mill is generally small, so if you want to grind smoothly, you need to crush the material to a small particle size. Then it is sent to the mill for milling, and the Gold Ore Ball Mill is no exception. In the grinding of this series of products, the crushing equipment in the production line can be a smashing machine or other crushing machines without special requirements. In this milling production line, the equipment that needs to be specially added is a hot blast stove, which is used to supply hot air to the system, and the hot air acts to dry the material and blow the animal material. When the crushed material is lifted into the silo and then fed into the Gold Ore Ball Mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, the material after grinding by the mill will be collected by the hot air and then collected by the classifier. The material collected by the device, which cannot be ground, can only be discharged from the slag discharge port at the lower part of the machine. This is the entire production process.