Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

"The Vibrating Screen industry is the most concentrated area of ​​all kinds of resources, and it is the main battlefield of the structural reform of the supply side." On September 22, the "China Manufacturing 2025 Summit", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deputy Director Zhou Shaoqing said that at present, China's Vibrating Screen industry is facing some prominent contradictions and problems, mainly in the structure and supply side. Promoting the structural reform of the supply side is an inevitable requirement to speed up the construction of China 's Vibrating Screen.

Implementation Of "Made In China 2025", Do A Good Job "Three Manufacturing"

"Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of" Made in China 2025. "Intelligent manufacturing is a major trend in the development of Vibrating Screen industry, is China's future period of time to promote the depth of integration of the two main direction is to build a new manufacturing system is the inevitable choice, but also to promote broken Machine industry to the high-end forward, building Vibrating Screen power of the important initiatives. "Zhou Shaoqing stressed that we must firmly grasp the main direction, to promote the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology to promote the Vibrating Screen industry transformation and upgrading, across the development. In order to implement the strategic plan of the Vibrating Screen, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Science and Technology launched a pilot demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing last year. It plans to develop and promote effective experience and mode through three years of exploration to accelerate the overall development of China's Vibrating Screen industry.

"China made 2025" since the release of the community reacted strongly and effectively guide the effective accumulation of various types of resources, and promote the Vibrating Screen industry to high-end, intelligent, green, service direction. Zhou Shaoqing introduction, the Ministry of Industry has carried out three aspects of the work. First, the preparation and release of the "1 + X" plan. "1" means "Made in China 2025" as a program of action; "X" means 11 guidelines as a supporting measure. At present, "1 + X" planning system framework has been basically formed. Second, the development of a number of supporting policies introduced, detailed decomposition of the "Made in China 2025" policy measures, promulgated and implemented a number of supporting policies. Started the Vibrating Screen industry innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, industrial strong base and other major projects, carried out the pilot city demonstration. The third is to strengthen the local regional differences in the development of guidance.

Why is intelligent manufacturing as the main direction? "I think at least three aspects of the development of the Chinese Vibrating Screen industry can provide power and change, one is the modern Vibrating Screen industry through intelligent manufacturing to meet the requirements of customization, improve the efficiency of quality, optimize the environment, improve our Operating environment to enhance the competitiveness of the Vibrating Screen industry.Third, through intelligent transformation to change the manufacturing model, change to low cost, service-oriented, environment-friendly model, so as to adapt to the development model changes.Third is able to accelerate the development of new industries, thus Change the structure of our now Vibrating Screen industry. "

Zhu Sen stressed that the next decade to do a good job of "three manufacturing", that is, intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, green manufacturing. These are inseparable from the industrial strong base and quality brand upgrade.

Among them, the green manufacturing will promote the Vibrating Screen industry to improve quality and efficiency. Green manufacturing key tasks have four: the traditional Vibrating Screen industry green transformation demonstration and extension; resource recycling green development demonstration application; green manufacturing technology innovation and industrialization demonstration application; green manufacturing system construction pilot.

Through the service-type manufacturing, the Chinese Vibrating Screen industry from the current low-end and production-type manufacturing to the high-end. In other words, we can adjust the structure, promote transformation, build services + product model, nurture our Vibrating Screen industry development of new capabilities.

So how does service-oriented manufacturing advance? What is the future Vibrating Screen industry in China's Vibrating Screen industry? Zhu Sen believes that the current Vibrating Screen industry or in the sale of products, the future of the Vibrating Screen industry is a combination of service products. Now we are to meet the functional requirements, the future is to meet customer needs.

Zhu said at the same time, in the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing for the time, but also concerned about the green manufacturing of key technologies and service-oriented manufacturing of key technologies, these technologies are conducive to our effective advance Service-oriented manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing development. Therefore, through the "China Manufacturing 2025" advance and implementation, through the "Internet +" action plan implementation, in the Vibrating Screen industry which into the cloud computing, large data and other new technologies, the Vibrating Screen industry into an advanced Vibrating Screen industry , To provide an effective supply. During the domestic Vibrating Screen manufacturers, to win the price to win to speed up the product structure to speed up the development of international markets, and thus promote the Chinese manufacturing step by step by the big and stronger.