Jaw Crusher Spares India

Jaw Crusher Spares India

Jaw crusher parts is of stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance, high strength, quality assurance and so on. Welcome to consult.

Jaw Crusher Spares

Jaw crusher spares includes: Movable jaw,  jaw plate,  weight for jaw plate, toggle plate, toggle plate gasket, spring seat,  adjusting seat, tension rod, edge plate

Jaw Crusher Installation

Jaw crusher movable jaw is installed jaw plate (also called toothed plate), the movable jaw is generally difficult to damage. When movable jaw crushed materials, has the function that hindering materials to discharge. It is one of important parts and a more complex structure part. Zenith movable jaw adopts more complex structure. The shape and size of jaw crusher movable jaw are depending on two factors: One is that the movable jaw force; the other is the manufacturing process and appearance of movable jaw. The former is the most fundamental basis that ensures the movable jaw strength and stiffness. On the base of meeting this requirement, the movable jaw is smaller and the quality is the better, especially the rotation center is as close to gravity center as possible. Also it should be considered the process, appearance and so on.

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