Jaw Crusher Maintenance Steps

Jaw Crusher Maintenance Steps

Jaw Crusher in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other sectors is mainly used for coarse crushing machine and the broken machine. According to Jaw Crusher feed mouth width size into large, medium and small three, the inlet width is greater than 600MM for large machines, the width of the inlet for the medium machine 300-600MM the feed inlet width is less than 300MM for minicomputers. Simple jaw broken structure, easy, reliable, easy to use and maintenance.

Jaw Crusher Maintenance Steps

Jaw Crusher working to ensure that, in addition to the correct operation of jaw broken and must be planned maintenance. Maintenance Jaw Crusher has the following three steps:

1, Regular Off Jaw Broken Machine, Check The Machine.

Any stone crushing equipment at the time of switch, should pay attention to periodically shut jaw broken machine, check the wear inside the machine, such as the center of the feeding tube, cone hat, the impeller, downstream channel liner, circular shield, wearable pieces the degree of wear, the more serious the timely replacement of worn parts, these parts repair. Also note that the weight of replacement parts, such as type and size, according to the original component parameters must be replaced.

2, Jaw Broken Drive Belt Checked Regularly.

Jaw broken stone production line conveyor belt is indispensable, belt driven machines are the credit. Adjust the tightness of the belt regularly to ensure that the belt force uniform. Dual motor drive, the tape should be grouped on both sides of the triangle matching to the length of each group as consistent as possible. Found the degree of belt wear too much make timely replacement.

3, Lubricating Mechanical Parts.

Jaw Crusher vehicles using Mobil grease or three grade lithium grease, work 400 hours each adding an appropriate amount of grease; work 2000 hours, turn the spindle bearing assembly for cleaning; generally work 7200 hours replaced with new bearings.