Iron Ore Concentration Equipment List Tables

Iron Ore Concentration Equipment List Tables

In the production of Iron Ore Concentration Equipment, the user is more troublesome is the problem of the mill's failure. When the mill fails, it will cause the equipment to stop, delaying the production process and affecting the production efficiency. This is very serious. The production obstacles, therefore, as a user, we must have a good grasp of the production status.

Summary of faults in Iron Ore Concentration Equipments

In production, we need to maintain the vertical mill very well, so that its state can be maintained very well, ensuring the normal production and production skills. For the daily maintenance measures of the Iron Ore Concentration Equipment, the user should not relax, which is the condition that can ensure that the machine can work normally. Therefore, we relax the maintenance of the vertical mill, which is not a waste of time. Instead, it is prepared for long-term production.

In the production of Iron Ore Concentration Equipments, sometimes there are problems with great vibration. Especially large vibrations must be noticed, because large vibrations will not only damage the Iron Ore Concentration Equipment itself, but also affect the production. Quality, so we have to perform the inspection work carefully to prevent more damage. When the vibration of the crushing chamber portion is large, the reason is that the coupling of the coupling and the rotor is not uniform or the mass of the flat hammer inside the rotor is not uniform. In order to improve this situation, the user can take the corresponding method to tie the coupling to the motor according to different types of couplings. When the mass of the hammer is not uniform, each set of hammers must be re-selected so that the error of the symmetrical hammers should not be too large. After the original balance is destroyed, the motor must be tested for dynamic balance after repair to ensure the overall balance.


In the production of Iron Ore Concentration Equipments, the breakage of the hammers also occurs from time to time, which causes an imbalance in the rotation of the rotor, which causes vibration of the whole machine and must be solved. Therefore, the user has to check regularly for hammers with severe wear. When an abnormal sound occurs in the operation of the mill in production, it is necessary to stop the inspection immediately and find out the cause and deal with it in time.

Bearings are important accessories on milling equipment, and their performance directly affects the normal operation and production efficiency of the equipment. During the operation of the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise of the bearing parts. When two of the bearing blocks are uneven, or the rotor of the motor is not concentric with the pulverizer rotor, the bearing will be subjected to an additional load, causing the bearing to overheat. Once this happens, stop immediately and troubleshoot to avoid early bearing damage.