Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Guide: Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment Grinding Roller refers to the grinding disc used in Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment and Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment. The steel material used in manufacturing is different from the round steel of steel mill. The moving crusher grinding roller should have higher height. The wear resistance is because it is a consumable part and also a wearing part.

How to choose a Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment disc

The Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment grinding roller refers to the grinding disc used in the Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment and the Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment. Unlike the round steel of the steel mill, the Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment grinding roller should have relatively high wear resistance.

Note the following when selecting a Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment disc:

  • 1, high wear: round steel because of low hardness, poor toughness and other reasons, resulting in very large consumption, and indirectly lead to magnetic separation, heavy tasks, high cost, and even affect product quality.
  • 2, two ends of the fine: the two ends of the grinding roller is caused by many reasons, mainly because the two sides of the Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment and the material contact probability and area are larger than the middle part, resulting in two effective grinding time longer than the middle, once the two heads and The ratio in the middle appears to be noticeable by the naked eye. This grinding roller is called "failure" because it does not have an effective grinding effect in the mill.
  • 3. Vibration: The reason is that the inside of the material is loose. Steel mill billet problems, only the extra large steel mills can meet the internal tight technical requirements, especially for diameters above 70mm. Although most steel mill billets can be finished, the compression ratio and hardenability are very low, that is, the organization is not tight. . In addition, the round steel is not relieved of its internal internal stress, and the broken roll is like explosion-explosion. It starts from the inside. The principle of the steel mill producing the grinding roller is like blowing a balloon. The internal stress must be removed to prevent the broken roller. .
  • 4. Cracked disc: The main reason for the bent rod is that the round steel has a very low hardness and is relatively soft. When an external force such as an impact force is applied to the mill, it is easy to bend. Once a rod is bent, the parallel arrangement of the grinding rolls in the whole mill is disturbed (the grinding rolls are run in parallel in the mill, and the material is ground into small particles or powder when entering the gap between them). As a result, the grinding machine is inefficient after the grinding roller is disordered, and the grinding roller is thrown out of the grinding machine, which threatens the safety of the worker and damages the grinding machine and other production equipment.
  • 5, production efficiency is low, qualified products can not meet the requirements. This problem has plagued many companies. For many reasons, the grinding roller has a great influence on it. For example, the ratio between the various diameter grinding rolls is unreasonable, the loading amount is unreasonable, the grinding rolls are unreasonable, and the failed grinding rolls are not removed in time. It is necessary to select a suitable product according to the above problems.