PF Series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher

PF series impact crusher is also referred to as single rotor crusher, the corporation is absorbing foreign sophisticated technologies to optimize the production of an upgraded version of Impact Crusher, its element components, such as the base, the feed inlet, back rack, and so on., applicable towards the construction, water conservancy engineering, road building and other industries, particularly for challenging rock crushing, crushing efficiency is relatively higher, the machine features a unique structure, can considerably cut down the time for board hammer.

PF Series Impact Crusher Feature

  • Energy effective put on compression.

    The machine crushing ratio, higher crushing efficiency, the rotor features a large moment of inertia, low power consumption; utilizing high chrome hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, correctly extending the service life of wearing parts.

  • Simple structure, easy upkeep.

    Simple machine structure, mainly by the casing, rotor and back plates. From the prime via the device, you are able to immediately open racks, replacement parts for machine maintenance operations; between the rotor and spindle expansion sleeve keyless connection, straightforward upkeep, economical and dependable.

  • Nesting excellent grain particle size adjustable.

    The top with the machine is equipped having a gate adjustment device, you'll be able to basically adjust rapid counterattack board and also the board hammer gap, manage the size on the material; grading finished cubic shape, no tension cracks, grain shape is superior, meets all types of sand and gravel aggregate.

PF Series Impact Crusher Technical Data

>PF Series Impact Crusher Technical Data