PF Impact Crusher Hammer Life

PF Impact Crusher Hammer Life

As one of the important equipment in mining, construction and other industries indispensable to the production line, the normal operation of PF Impact Crusher seriously affect the efficiency of the entire production line, and even the investment benefit of the whole project, so the quality of Impact Crusher and various important parts the quality is receiving more attention today, mainly introduce what factors influence the PF Impact Crusher hammer life will be:

PF Impact Crusher Hammer Life Impact Factors

Impact Crusher crushing hammer is a key component of ore material, the material its life by plate hammer, impact crusher is the nature of the material, the rotor peripheral speed and the factors board hammer structure, in the daily course of their work easily hammer subject to wear and tear, so in the production process, should always check or replace the board hammer.

Impact Crusher is currently on the market most of the board hammer high manganese and chrome alloy steel with other materials, board hammer of life and also due to the use of the device manufacturing process and technology are very different. Zenith on board hammer selection devices have strict requirements, combined with advanced and mature production technology, effectively ensure the board hammer of life and usage.

Rotor speed also has some influence on the PF Impact Crusher plate hammer life, this effect is mainly reflected in: a rotor line speed is too high, the material hit by the time will be reduced, which leads to only a small piece of material can enter combat area, while other materials, especially large pieces of material can have side hit, which makes the fight against gravity hammer will not fall on the center of the material being hit, crushing effect affected, reducing the crushing efficiency. At the same time increases due to friction between the material and the plate hammer, it will quickly damage the board hammer, causing the board hammer shortened life expectancy.

Given the small number of such cases hammer Impact Crusher is installed on the rotor should not be too much, but also from the appropriate rotor diameter between the hammer and the board should not be too small, about to enter the crusher materials to conduct pre-screening.

Structure and fixation plate hammer to hammer the life also has some influence. Commonly used method is to hammer fixed using countersunk screws most simple structure of this method, easy accessibility, do not have to replace the rotor body hanging out, simplifying maintenance and installation procedures. This screw fixation by the shear forces at work, screws easily broken, causing the hammer to fall off the accident, for which post-fixed with a hammer hammer grooves need to be processed.

This article focuses on what factors are affecting the PF Impact Crusher will be the life of the board hammer, these presentations can be seen from the fixed plate hammer own manufacturing material, hardness material to be broken, rotor speed and plate hammer and other factors will affect the life of the board hammer, so the customer needs in the daily course of more attention to these issues and take appropriate precautions can reduce the life of the board hammer and help PF Impact Crusher better for production line services.