PF 100*700 Impact Crusher

PF 100*700 Impact Crusher

This Impact Crusher crushing equipment in the production line occupies an important position, the device as needs change constantly changing, resulting in a number of different types of equipment, such as PF 100*700 Impact Crusher, quotes, and important parts of the device is what are more people pay attention, in order to help people better understand the important components of the device, this article will introduce you what the important parts pf1000x700Impact Crusher contain.

PF 100*700 Impact Crusher Spare Parts

First to introduce the series back-breaking equipment back plate, the main role of the back plate is crushed material to withstand the impact of the board hammer after, then the material will be broken again, so as to ensure adequate materials are broken. In the form of the back plate on the market there are many such as linear and curved fold, zigzag back plate can be achieved in the form of materials for vertical impact, so broken achieve the best results; and zigzag is different, the arc-shaped back plate rebound after material , the material will be intense impact in the center area, the material will be free impact crushing effect will increase.

The second is PF 100*700 Impact Crusher plate hammer, shape and fixed manner hammer has a direct relationship with the back-breaking work load, board hammer design sure to satisfy reliable operation, loading and unloading simple, can improve utilization premise hammer next, but also need to select the wear resistance of the alloy as plate hammer raw materials. And the shape of the plate hammer on the market, there are many, a long strip of plate hammer is more common, due to the good crushing effect, apply more common.

The above describes 1000*700 Impact back plate and hammer are two important parts of Crusher's board, the two components need to be designed according to the type of back-breaking features and choose the time and the need to select the wear and corrosion resistance, impact strength comparison good material produced components, both normal working parts back-breaking equipment to work properly and the whole production line has a great relationship.