Debugging PF1214 Impact Crusher In The Production Line

Debugging PF1214 Impact Crusher In The Production Line

PF1214 Impact Crusher is an Impact Crusher, the device has some differences in performance features, size, etc. with other types of crusher equipment, but these models are different devices have a common characteristic, that is, the device debugging production line needs to ensure that the equipment can enter the normal working condition, this article mainly discusses the debugging PF1214 Impact Crusher In The Production Line.

How to debug the PF1214 Impact Crusher In The Production Line?

PF1214 Impact Crusher when in use must be installed, and the installation process the most important thing is to debug the equipment commissioning, equipment mainly includes the following aspects: The first point is balanced rotor devices, generally in have been manufactured before the adjusted balance of processing equipment, so users do not need to install the device in time to adjust this step, only need to pay attention in the future course about whether there is damage to the rotor.

The second point is PF1214 Impact Crusher host balance debugging, generally need to adjust the belt and fixed motors, mainly for debugging belt tightness of the belt, only the tightness of the fit can make Impact Crusher work better, the motor must be fixed, these two do provide good conditions for the normal operation of equipment.


The third point is to adjust the accessory equipment when installing PF1214 Impact Crusher must pay attention to whether the device accessory position is correct, and accessories are intact, can not appear deformed, moving, etc., need to pay attention to whether there are bolts case fastening, electrical wiring boxes, delay relay, overload protection and other parts, as well as the motor rotation is correct, the fuse is not appropriate, whether there will be leakage of the hydraulic system of the phenomenon, to ensure that these conditions are normal in order to ensure the counterattack broken equipment working properly.

Described above is mainly PF1214 Impact Crusher equipment in the production line debugging, a total of three major aspects to introduce commissioning of equipment note these aspects in the production process in order to ensure the normal work and bring better production line economic benefits.