Gypsum Mining Process Machine Price

Gypsum Mining Process Machine Price

Since the blast furnace slag is no longer treated as waste residue, many concentrating plants or some enterprises have begun to build some blast furnace slag grinding production lines for the full use of resources, and for environmental protection considerations, processing and grinding these waste slags for recycling and reuse. . Investing in a blast furnace waste slag Gypsum Mining Process Machine production line is a relatively common type, and it is also a good investment method. Let us look at a case of blast furnace slag investment production line, and carry out some analysis and research on the grinding and processing of blast furnace slag. This may provide some reference for users who are about to build blast furnace slag.

Gypsum Mining Process Machine used in the grinding production of blast furnace waste residue

When investing in the Gypsum Mining Process Machine production line, the necessary cost is indispensable. How can we quickly realize the return of the investment cost of the production line? How can we recover all the costs in a relatively short period of time? It took a successful case to do some analysis. This case took three years to achieve all the cost recovery.

Since we talk about the recycling of costs, we must know what aspects of investment are mainly invested in construction. Here are just a few of the more important and costly inputs: first, the complete set of production equipment required for the production line: including but not limited to Gypsum Mining Process Machines, bucket elevators, feeders, vibrating screens, dust collectors. , dust collectors and conveyor belts; secondly, hard investment in land occupation funds and infrastructure, this needs to be determined according to the environment, the same area, the funds required in different places will be quite different; after comparison is raw material procurement and labor Cost, as well as transportation costs, energy and electricity consumption, etc.

We have found that for investment builders, other factors, such as site construction, labor costs, and raw materials, are very familiar. Here, we mainly introduce the production line equipment for blast furnace slag grinding. When selecting equipment, we will first think of production equipment with high cost performance, good performance and long service life, and it is better to provide a whole line of production equipment from the same manufacturer, which is more cost-effective in maintenance. Manufacturers who can provide the entire line of service are generally more reliable, and such equipment is generally reasonably designed, and the matching aspect is also particularly suitable. In production, it can also show strong production capacity, stable quality of the produced products, and the entire production line will show very stable performance. In the case of several slag ultra-fine grinding treatment lines invested by Zenith, it has shown good production conditions. The entire production line has an operating rate of over 95% and is stable in operation and is loved by many users.

In addition, in terms of civil engineering, many investors have very good solutions, so here is a brief introduction. Because the Gypsum Mining Process Machine has a simple structure and a small footprint, the civil construction cost is relatively low, and it is less among many milling equipment production lines. Zenith Gypsum Mining Process Machine equipment is a model with lower civil construction cost in the mill, and the machine simplifies the structure and strengthens the performance of the equipment in the blast furnace slag grinding process, which greatly improves the efficiency of the equipment production line. .

What is mentioned after the comparison is the investment in the procurement cost of raw materials. Since the blast furnace waste is mostly from the waste of the concentrator, it is very rare in terms of cost. Manufacturers generally choose where the source of raw materials is very convenient when selecting a site. As for the power consumption of the blast furnace waste slag Gypsum Mining Process Machine production line, the energy consumption of the two waste slag processing lines under construction by Zenith is 43 kW per ton, which is very energy-efficient compared with other production lines of the same output. Moreover, the unit has very little coal consumption per unit, the annual production capacity of the production line can reach 600,000 tons, and the coal consumption is only 25kg/t. While reducing the investment cost of coal, it is also very conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction.

It can be seen from the above analysis that the blast furnace waste slag Gypsum Mining Process Machine grinding line constructed by Zenith can realize rapid cost recovery. From the analysis, it is found that the cost structure of investing in the construction of slag treatment production line is relatively concentrated, mainly in production equipment that can directly generate benefits. It has been proved that the grinding production line of blast furnace waste slag Gypsum Mining Process Machine built by Zenith has realized the expectation of three-year recovery cost. For specific situations, you are welcome to consult.