Stone Crushing Production Line

Stone Crushing Production Line

Stone species diversity, nature is different, so the production equipment used in the production process also varies, but in general all need to go through primary crushing and secondary crushing and even tertiary crushing, is used by the device jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc., just different kinds of stone crushing equipment used in these different, but there are some similarities between them, such as their role today to introduce them in stone crushing plant crushing production line applications.

Stone Crushing Production Line Working Process

First, no matter what kind of stone production have to go through primary crushing stage of the chunks of stone crushing raw ore to relatively small particles, in this process due to the relatively large stone shapes and broken when the machine is mainly used impact or other stone crushing force will fall, so the structure of crushing equipment which requires relatively strong, in order to better complete stone crushing process and the extent of the material but also good to minimize damage to the machine, after several experiments ultimately chose as jaw crusher stone crushing production process of a crushing equipment, which in the actual production line can produce stone well done and because of rugged compared to other crushing equipment for extent of damage to the device being in the position of the primary crusher is minimal, which saves the production line for comparison.

Stone Crushing Machine

Followed by the stone crushing production process of secondary crushing stage, this stage is mainly through primary crushing of the stone crushing to smaller particles, the particle size reduction due to the production of stone a lot so the extent of damage to the machine is reduced a lot, do not need to use something like jaw crusher as rugged devices, this stage generally used cone crusher, the crusher for the production of stone is more cost effective because of its structure as burdens jaw crusher but unlike other than broken equipment firm, for two production but right then, if the production of stone hardness is relatively small, then you can be replaced by cone crusher crusher, impact crusher equipment that can be used for secondary crushing, but not produce large hardness of stone, would cause greater damage to the machine, the hardness of the material used in the production of small or used directly for tertiary crushing stage better.